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Thomas Brayley, Manager of Plant Fleet Services at Logan City Council, has been named the 2024 Fleet Manager of the Year, celebrating his exceptional leadership and transformative impact on fleet management. 

Thomas’s Journey to Excellence 

Thomas’s journey in fleet management is a testament to his visionary leadership and commitment to excellence. With over fourteen years in the Australian Local Government Fleet sector, Thomas has been at the forefront of driving significant advancements in fleet operations, sustainability, and organisational efficiency. 

Under his leadership, Logan City Council has implemented a series of cutting-edge initiatives that have set new standards in the industry. His strategic approach and innovative solutions have not only improved operational efficiencies but also fostered a culture of continuous improvement and environmental stewardship. 

Key Achievements Under Thomas’s Leadership 

Transforming Fleet Operations. He led a comprehensive fleet business remodel, streamlining operations through a meticulous business review and cost-benefit analysis. This strategic decision led to significant cost savings and resource optimisation, allowing the Council to focus on key areas of importance. 

Enhancing Branch Efficiency. Recognising the need for a more efficient operating model, he implemented a strategic branch realignment. This initiative improved service delivery capabilities and resource utilisation, creating a culture of continuous improvement within the branch. 

Addressing Skilled Labour Shortage. To tackle the shortage of trade-skilled labour, he introduced a Temporary Market Condition Allowance (TMCA), enhancing recruitment and retention rates. This move significantly boosted operational efficiency and strengthened safety protocols. 

Fuel Tax Credits for Sustainability. He conducted a thorough review of Fuel Tax Credits, securing additional funding for green fleet initiatives. This effort supported the Council’s environmental goals and contributed to a reduced carbon footprint. 

Promoting Reconciliation and Cultural Diversity. He actively participated in Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) working groups, promoting indigenous awareness and cultural diversity within the workplace. His efforts have fostered a more inclusive and culturally diverse environment. 

Engaging Youth in Fleet Management. His participation in the IGNITE Youth Employment Expo has sparked interest among young people in fleet management careers, creating a pipeline for future talent in the industry. 

Sustainability Initiatives. He developed a Sustainable Fleet Management Strategy and achieved ISO14001:2015 certification, positioning Logan City Council as a leader in environmental stewardship and significantly reducing the Council’s carbon footprint. 

Electric Vehicles Transition. His leadership in transitioning the pool fleet to electric vehicles powered by 100% green energy has set a positive example for sustainability and cleaner air initiatives. 

Exploring Hydrogen as Clean Energy. His active participation in hydrogen working groups and industry collaborations has paved the way for significant progress in exploring hydrogen technology for fleet operations. 

Enhancing Telematics and Asset Procurement. He introduced a new telematics system and developed a comprehensive procurement strategy, improving operational effectiveness, transparency, and efficiency in asset management. 

Improving Safety and Compliance Thomas’s implementation of a proactive safety framework and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) action framework has enhanced safety outcomes and fostered a culture of accountability and risk management. 

Thomas’s Vision and Leadership 

Reflecting on his achievements, Thomas said, “I am incredibly honoured to receive this award. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of my team and the support provided by an innovative and progressive employer – Logan City Council. Our journey has been about more than just implementing changes; it’s about Fleet management and organisation advancement in Local Government. It’s about developing ourselves as effective and resilient leaders, fostering a culture of innovation, safety, sustainability, and continuous improvement, and creating effective, resilient, and rewarding workplaces. I am proud of our collective achievements and look forward to leading the industry forward” 

A Legacy of Excellence 

Under Thomas’s leadership, Logan City Council’s fleet operations have undergone a significant transformation. His dedication to leadership development, innovation, sustainability, and operational efficiency not only elevates the council’s practices but will also inspire other organisations to strive for similar excellence. 

Congratulation Thomas!

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Key Achievements 

  • Streamlined operations and saved costs through strategic business review. 
  • Enhanced service delivery and efficiency via branch realignment. 
  • Improved recruitment and retention, boosting operational efficiency and safety. 
  • Secured funding for sustainability projects, reducing carbon footprint. 
  • Fostered inclusivity and diversity through reconciliation and refugee programmes. 
  • Adopted clean energy solutions, including electric and hydrogen vehicles. 
  • Enhanced GPS policies for safer fleet operations through telematics. 
  • Improved transparency and efficiency in asset management. 
  • Ensured safety during recruitment crises, fostering a culture of safety. 
  • Mitigated risks associated with chain of responsibility obligations. 
  • Utilised real-time insights for strategic decision-making. 
  • Optimised Fleet reserve for long-term financial viability. 
  • Minimised Fringe Benefits Tax through efficient tax management. 
  • Built a diverse and skilled leadership team. 
  • Demonstrated resilience and effective leadership during disruptions. 
  • Contributed insights and best practices to industry forums and conferences. 

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