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Hyundai’s XCIENT FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) recently arrived in New Zealand, becoming the first hydrogen-powered truck to cruise NZ’s roads.

The truck arrived at the Port of Auckland and is the first of five to be seen on the nation’s roads next year running freight across the country.

The truck’s arrival is a part of a real-world demonstration with specialists in heavy vehicle transport and road transport logistics, showing the applications of the vehicle in commercial fleets. The demonstration program is aiming to build confidence in hydrogen powered trucks, showing industry, government, and the public the benefits of their use.

Powered by a 350kw electric motor the XCIENT has 2237Nm of torque. A 180kW hydrogen Fuel Cell system with dual 90kW Fuel Cell stacks combined with a 72kWh battery provides the driving energy and achieves a range of roughly 400km. Seven tanks make a combined storage capacity of about 32.09kg of hydrogen.

Each XCIENT Fuel Cell vehicle in place of a diesel truck is expected to save 50 tonnes of C02 per year in emissions (based on 80,000km per annum).

The trucks will be fuelled by Hyundai New Zealand’s own hydrogen refueller until the first group of hydrogen refuelling stations are available, which are underway.