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The ability and freedom to drive comes with inherent obligation to one’s self and others to behave with consideration and intelligence. Fleet drivers have their own portion of responsibility within a business, including having a current valid driver’s license with a good driving history and can demonstrate their competence in operating fleet vehicles they’re expected to operate in and around as a mobile workplace.

Authorisation is important. It allocates daily tasks in operating the vehicle on behalf of the company regardless of the vehicles ownership status (owned, rented or leased). Authorisation also includes defining conditions on family members when a company vehicle is used as part of an employee’s salary or entitlement arrangement.

The organisation needs to ensure appropriate operation and maintenance of the vehicles entrusted upon employees is carried out and made structurally integral to the arrangement and performance assessment of the job. Driver health is also to be factored in, ensuring that the company is not instructing or enabling operation of the vehicles while drivers are not completely competent or in a sound state to do so.

A driver’s routing should be thoroughly planned for a range of benefits. First and foremost is the safety net a driver operates in when efficient, considered instructions are put before them. This minimises fatigue and simplifies the process. Equally important is that realistic work schedules are placed upon drivers to lower risk of mishap and does not create a hazardous culture in which to operate the fleet.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) are an expectation placed on businesses to track and assess the fleet is being operated. Capturing driver histories for a three-year minimum which include traffic incidents or misdemeanors, remedial driver training and authorial decisions made by the company are essential to operating a cohesive and transparent fleet.

For more on knowing your drivers, head to the AFMA website and scroll for the below link

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