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Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) has recently announced new incentives aimed at refurbishing used electric vehicle (EV) batteries. According to the BOI, this initiative is part of the country’s strategy to expand EV manufacturing under its targeted S-curve industries.

The new investment promotion category is dedicated to service centres specialising in the repair, repacking, and reuse of EV batteries. It also includes investments in energy storage systems to support Thailand’s sustainable development goals.

“This move will further complement the BOI’s comprehensive EV supply chain policy and incentives,” said BOI Chairman and Finance Minister Pichai Chunhavajira.

At the recent BOI meeting, investment promotion applications worth a total of 56.9 billion baht were approved, highlighting ongoing efforts to bolster Thailand’s economic infrastructure.

Notable projects include significant investments in data centres, such as a 7.1-billion-baht (about 285 million AUD) project by a US-based multinational firm to build a data centre in Samut Prakan, and a 3.3-billion-baht (about 122 million AUD) expansion of a data centre operated by True Internet Data Center in the same province.

Thailand’s increasing focus on data centre investments underscores its commitment to enhancing digital infrastructure, crucial for supporting emerging technologies and economic growth.

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