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Australia Post’s Head of Fleet and Equipment Terry Bickerton has been awarded the 2022 Fleet Manager of the Year Award at AfMA’s Annual Networking Dinner & Fleet Awards Ceremony.

“I was honoured to be named as AfMA’s Fleet manager of the year for 2022 , but I could not achieve this without the great work done by my Fleet team and support from senior management,“ Terry said.

For Terry, pushing for safety has been his main point of concern and this has played a central role in the Fleet Policy he has introduced which covered all vehicle types including motorcycles and large line haul prime movers.

“Australia Post operates vehicles across Australia in regional towns and major cities and I need to ensure all our team members are kept safe when behind the wheel or handlebars of our vehicles.”

“Australia post goes to exhaustive lengths to ensure the vehicles are as safe as we are able to make them, adding many of the additional safety features as possible to the vehicles, we also carry out exhaustive testing and consultation with drivers prior to any vehicles taking to the road.”

“Vehicles are also equipped with telematics to assist in better vehicle management, driver safety and maintenance.”

They have introduced In-Cab safety cameras for heavy vehicles in their fleet which allowed them to “to work with drivers, coaching and developing them to become safer road users. This has reduced collision leading risk by 64 percent and heavy vehicle collisions by 21 percent.

Another key aspect of managing Australia Post’s fleet is sustainability. Since 2017, they have been lowering their emissions through ZEV and hybrid technology. Today, they have over 2500 zero-emission delivery vehicles which has helped reduce their impact on the environment.

Terry also believes in supporting the development of local manufacturing and suppliers.

“Working with these business partners enables Australia post to change and adapt to local conditions or specific safety needs.”

“Australia Post also works with indigenous enterprises and proudly displays the livery on many of our vehicles.”

Terry’s key achievements include:

  • Introduction of Fleet Policy covering all vehicle types
  • Installation of In Cab safety Cameras in heavy vehicles
  • Development and introduction of telematics and camera systems for motorcycle & electric delivery fleet
  • Introduction of a single call support centre for fleet , covering break downs , tyres , accident & emergency management
  • 600 days injury free by in house workshops
  • Reduced accidents in Heavy vehicles
  • Lower emissions through ZEV & Hybrid technology
  • Safer, more reliable fleet from continued investment
  • Collaboration with Industry peers to knowledge share
  • Continued involvement with bodies such as AfMA, Australian Logistics council, Australian Transport Association
  • Supporting the development of local manufactured vehicles & accessories

Watch his journey on the video below: