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AfMA are pleased to collaborate with RACE for 2030 on the release of the report: “Business Fleets and EVs: Taxation changes to support home charging from the grid”.

This project investigated how tax changes can accelerate business fleets uptake of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) through home charging at fleet employees’ places of residence. The project recommends 17 short-term and long-term tax changes that can accelerate the uptake of business fleet BEVs.

Business fleets are an effective pathway for early adoption of BEVs but the availability of workplace charging infrastructure is low.

The findings from this project suggest federal taxation laws for cars can be a cost disincentive for the uptake of BEVS in business fleets. Findings also indicated that the availability of BEVs in Australia that are ‘fit for purpose’ is low. The project investigates how this can be overcome.

Join RACE for 2030 and its partners for a discussion about our recently released report “Business Fleets and EVs: Taxation Changes to support home charging from the grid” on June 28, 2022 11:00 AM.

You can get further information about RACE for 2030’s projects and research activities on their website.

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