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Bonds Transport Group has joined the growing list of courier and logistics operators who are embracing the electric vehicle revolution thanks to the help of EVSE.

The Australian logistics operator recently installed an EO Genius Fleet EV Charging system at two of its NSW depots – with plans now afoot to extend its offerings across its entire Australia operations.

So far the program has proven to be a success both in terms of environmental reductions and improved data monitoring for the organisation.

“We went with the EVSE Solution because of the ability to scale, and the ability to record our data usage via the EO Cloud back end portal to quantify our exact CO2 savings for our customers such as the Iconic,”  Bonds Transport Managing Director Jonathan Ryce said.

“We plan to roll the electric offering out into all states. Sydney is just finishing its pilot state with two Renault Kangoo ZE’s with charging infrastructure installed at both of our depots in Kings Park and Closer to the airport.”

EVSE is steadily making progress right across Australia, including a recent partnership with the Queensland Government, RACQ and Intrust Group to install charging devices at six popular Far North Queensland tourist destinations.

The Queensland Government chose the EVSE Australia EO Charging brand due to its robust design built specifically to withstand the harsh tropical climate of Far North Queensland.

Likewise, the EVSE is currently committed to working with the entire fleet management sector to form solutions for small, medium and large fleets looking to start the conversation around EVs.

“Bonds Transport is starting with the end in mind by installing the EO Genius Fleet EV Charging system which has been mapped out with consideration given to each depot power capacity, solar generation, and total fleet requirements,” EVSE Australia’s National Sales Director Sam Korkees said.

“We have seen the trend towards electrification of delivery vehicles in global markets across Europe and Asia given the introduction of strict congestion and low emission vehicle restrictions as well as the fact that EV’s thrive in the stop-start environment of last-mile delivery.”