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The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has advised that Australians have now made more than 11 million vehicle checks on the industry’s Takata compulsory recall website

These checks have identified more than 1.82 million vehicles equipped with faulty Takata airbag inflators which have the potential to kill or seriously injure vehicle drivers and passengers.

“The website is a very important tool that helps vehicle owners identify whether their vehicles are affected by this national recall,” Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries chief executive Mr Tony Weber said.

“These are great numbers but there is no room for complacency as our brands seek to track down and rectify outstanding vehicles.”

“People are able to check simply and quickly in their own time. If their vehicle is identified as affected by the recall, they should make immediate arrangements for their faulty airbag inflator to be replaced.”

Vehicle dealerships throughout Australia are open and able to complete the rectification work despite the interruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Weber said the 11 million milestone mark represented 62 per cent of the 17.8 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on Australian roads.

Vehicle owners unsure of the recall status of their vehicles could immediately check by visiting the website or by texting the word TAKATA TO 0487 247 224.

“In addition to the safety threat of the faulty airbags, vehicle owners need to be aware that state and territory governments are now moving to deregister or refuse registration of vehicles which have not been rectified,” Mr Weber said.

“Don’t let your vehicle be put off the road by the authorities.  Recall rectification work can be done promptly and free of charge.”