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Sydney is making significant moves to support the uptake of EVs by doubling EV chargers in City of Sydney car parks, trialling low-impact on-street charging and performing comprehensive research to help retrofit existing buildings with chargers.

City Council has passed The Electrification of Transport in the City Strategy and Action Plan which outlines the city’s plan to electrify transport fleets and reduce the hurdles associated with EV use.

The plan will accelerate the council’s fleet transition to EVs, increase a depot’s ability to accommodate larger EVs, encourage public rapid charging facilities in car parks and service stations and increase the capacity and number of electric chargers in city-controlled car parks.

“If we are to stop dangerous runaway climate change, we need to reach net zero emissions as soon as possible,” Lord mayor, Clover Moore said.

“Lowering transport emissions, which are currently around 20% of all our emissions, will be crucial to this task.

“Reducing private vehicle dependence is the most effective way to cut emissions, so we remain focused on delivering our comprehensive bike network, supporting ambitious public transport projects and ensuring our city is a pleasant and accessible place to walk to, from and around,” Moore adds.

“Not all trips can be completed on a bike or public transport so electrification of high-impact fleets such as delivery and service vehicles, as well as private vehicles, will help complete the journey to net zero transport.”

Working with Ausgrid, the city is exploring an unobtrusive on-street EV charger option, encouraging on-street charging without intruding on the public domain.

“We hope that by 2035 all vehicles in our area are electric,” says Moore.

“This is a sector that is evolving quickly, and we want to make sure that we remove any possible barrier to our residents getting an electric vehicle or better still, changing their commute for a bus or train, an e-bike or choosing to walk.”

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