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In a bid to accelerate software development for next generation mobility, Suzuki has invested in Melbourne-based tech company Applied EV.

In a media release, Suzuki said that the “investment in Applied EV is another step to strengthen the relationship between the two companies and realize synergies like manufacturing and new business models.”

“Suzuki will continue to build relationships with companies like Applied EV that possess unique technologies, to accelerate the development of next generation mobility and provide a variety of transport solutions that will benefit people and society,” the car manufacturer added.

Meanwhile, Applied EV co-founder and CEO, says the alliance is mutually beneficial as it brings together Applied EV’s innovative technology with Suzuki’s experience in building high quality and efficient vehicles.

“Suzuki is a highly respected automotive company, delivering millions of vehicles to customers globally. With over 100 years of expertise, strong values, and a huge market, we’re excited to see what the future will hold,” says Mr Broadbent.

Applied EV has developed a vehicle control system, based entirely on a piece of software known as the Digital Backbone, for use in electric vehicles dedicated to autonomous driving applications.

This enables vehicles of all shapes and sizes to run entirely on software. This process simplifies vehicle architecture, removes hundreds of components, reduces production costs, increases efficiency, and makes the entire ecosystem more sustainable.

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