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Three compact SUVs achieve five-star ANCAP safety ratings, yet all are not equal

The Jeep Renegade, Volkswagen Tiguan and BMW X1 compact SUVs have all scored five-star ANCAP safety ratings for physical crash tests.

The European models were given additional praise by ANCAP for their suites of collision avoidance technologies available in their various trims, while the Jeep Renegade was noted for missing these systems in all variants. bmw-x1-oct15-onwards-frontal-offset

While the Renegade does come with Blind Spot Monitoring (the BMW does not) and a lane support system, auto-emergency braking for city and interurban environments is only available on top-spec models, with no system for detecting and avoiding vulnerable road users. The Tiguan only has the latter in European and USA market models, while BMW’s X1 has this function as standard across the range.

Renegade scored a perfect 16/16 for the 50km/h side impact test, 2/2 for the pole test and 15.41 out of 16 for the 64km/h frontal offset test, for an overall score of 36.41 out of 37 with a 2016 datestamp. The X1 recieves a 2015 datestamp given its market launch was last year, while the new Tiguan gets a 2016 stamp.

Date stamping is a key indicator for buyers now, according to ANCAP CEO James Goodwin.

“The datestamp is the point-of-difference consumers should be looking to when comparing models,” he said. Goodwin also complemented the VW and BMW for their continual adding of new safety features.

“X1 is equipped as standard with AEB,” he said, “and goes one step further with an AEB system which can detect and brake for pedestrians. This is couple with a pop-up bonnet which provides additional impact clearance.”vw-tiguan-sep16-onwards-pole

“Tiguan provides high and low speed autonomous emergency braking and an active lane support system that helps correct deviation if the car drifts out of lane…standard across the range,” he added.

“The Renegade offers good structural performance in a range of crash scenarios but when compared with the other SUVs the lack of active safety technologies as standard is an obvious omission,” Goodwin concluded.

In the frontal offset crash test both Renegade and Tiguan scored ‘Acceptable’ in driver chest injury outcome, while the BMW X1 scored ‘Marginal’. In the same test, passenger chest injury was ‘Good’ for the Renegade, compared with only ‘Acceptable’ in the Tiguan and X1.

For the full technical details on Jeep Renegade, VW Tiguan and BMW X1 crash test scores, click the links to where you can also find over 585 crash tests and learn more about safety features. Check out the ANCAP YouTube channel for amazing, flinch-worthy high-speed videos of the Renegade, Tiguan and X1.