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Fleet Management is a horizontal in a world of vertical industries, i.e. almost every business has a fleet of vehicles be they passenger, light commercial or heavy vehicles. In fact, several AfMA members have motorcycles, watercraft, trains and the odd plane.

COVID-19 is affecting ALL OF OUR members differently but perhaps the largest impact is on our suppliers. Those organisations who support our fleet needs through rain, hail and shine, perhaps those are the easy times compared to COVID-19.

Some of you will have heard me say “all fleet managers operate under water, its just the size of the straw that’s different”. Adjusting to the demands of COVID-19 will be different depending on your industry vertical. If you’re based in transport logistics the odds are you can’t get enough vehicles and drivers whilst if you’re supporting a large sales-based organisation, drivers may have been stood down or made redundant.

Regardless of your industry vertical, vehicles must be serviced regularly to maintain safety so if your fleet needs servicing, repair or you were thinking of accessing new technologies or re-accessing your fit for purpose vehicles, there has never been a better time to call your suppliers and see how you can help them as they’re always there supporting you.

Take care and support those who’ve supported you!