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1. What is your vision for 2021 and how will it look different for your organisation?

For 2021, we are focusing on new technologies and initiatives to help our client’s fleets become more environmentally sustainable, including:

  • Carbon Offsetting & Reporting
  • Larger focus on environmentally friendly use of fleets
  • More popular choices of hybrid vehicles
  • EV vehicles

2. What new solutions can you provide to the fleet market that will help them thrive both now and into the future?

StreetFleet has developed our own carbon offset program, the Native Pathways Project, which focuses on offsetting carbon by planting native bushland right here in Australia. We are working in conjunction with Carbon Neutral to measure, reduce, and offset vehicle carbon emissions to invest in the future of the sustainability of our planet.

StreetFleet has already offset its own carbon emissions upfront, with the purchase of 100 tonnes of carbon emissions, to restore Australian Native Reforestation. Carbon Neutral estimates 15 trees are required per tonne of carbon emissions as an indicator.

The purchased 100 tonnes is the equivalent of a Toyota Prado Diesel running for 31 years or, all our current StreetFleet fleet for 4.5 years; so our own vehicles are also now completely carbon neutral.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while cleaning the air we breathe. They filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s biodiversity and, as an Australian company, it was imperative to us to ensure this went directly into rebuilding Australia’s biodiversity.

3. What is the core focus of your new product or innovation – is it improved driver safety, new technology, improved efficiency, reduced emissions, financial savings, or something else entirely?

The core focus of our Native Pathways program is to provide an opportunity to our clients to offset their vehicle emissions or fleet emissions. As part of their vehicle lease or product service, through small contributions, we are creating reforestation in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in the Southwest Australia, which is a global diversity hotspot, is being restored.

We are proud to be planting native trees to assist in reducing carbon emissions and this project aims to remove existing carbon from the atmosphere to restore a healthy, functioning landscape.

4. In what ways are your solutions unique from your competitors?

While carbon offset programs are not new, most offsets are sent off-shore as this is where cheaper offsets can be obtained. For us at StreetFleet, we opted to keep our offsets right here in Australia and while, admittedly, these are the ‘gold standard’ in offsets, we believe this is what our clients expect from working with StreetFleet. We also allow our clients to incorporate offsetting easily into any of our products, from leasing and finance through to vehicles that are purchased and managed.

5. What genuine value are you providing to fleet buyers?

In the current business environment, clients are looking for more than just services and products, with a large focus on fleet management companies that can offer added value to the client’s experience. Climate change is a current global concern, and we see more conscientious drivers who are looking to be more environmentally friendly with their vehicle or fleet. By giving clients an option to have their carbon offset, we are not only aligning with our company values, it also brings more client satisfaction, a confirmation of social corporate responsibility by StreetFleet and an accomplishment of both parties for contributing to the sustainability of the planet where, small actions can make a big impact.

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