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Dutch high-tech company Lightyear has officially started production of the first solar electric vehicle Lightyear 0 at the Valmet Automotive’s facility in Finland.

According to a media release, the company will have started producing one unit a week with plans of scaling up production in the first quarter of 2023.

“We have hit many milestones in recent years, from major funding achievements to great partnerships. However, today is the most significant, and probably the most challenging, milestone we have reached so far”, said Lex Hoefsloot, CEO and Co-Founder of Lightyear.

“Starting production of Lightyear 0, the first solar car, brings us a big step closer to our mission of clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We may be the first to achieve this, but I certainly hope we aren’t the last.” Mr. Hoefsloot added.

Meanwhile, Lightyear’s production partner, Valmet Automotive said solar mobility is a united effort.

“We share Lightyear’s motivation for creating new, more sustainable mobility solutions and are excited to be part of this innovative development in the automotive industry. During the last few years, we have been working closely together to understand Lightyear 0’s technologies and prepare everything for smooth production of the solar electric cars for consumers”, says Olaf Bongwald, CEO of Valmet Automotive.

Six years after its founding, the company has managed to develop a an efficient vehicle with a smaller battery capacity (60kWh). They also urge users to skip grid charging for more sustainable mobility.

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