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Smartrak is partnering with the NZ Transport Agency for a new electric vehicle database to provide comprehensive information about the country’s network of charging points.

Dubbed EVRoam, the system collects real-time information from all safe and monitored public charge points around New Zealand, and freely distributes it.

The system lets drivers know if a station is operational or otherwise offline so that they can plan journeys.

“Smartrak’s technology has been a consistent enabler of EV adoption,” said Lisa Tubb, Smartrak’s Product Strategy Manager. “Our technologies help organisations transition to cleaner transport options and achieve their sustainability goals”.

Through fleet intelligence and data analysis capabilities, Smartrak has empowered EV adoption decision making by providing a clear vision of how EVs fit within an organisation’s unique operational matrix.

For Smartrak, EVRoam is the next logical step in facilitating the growth of EV fleets.

Linking to the NZ Transport Agency’s EVRoam database provides a valuable information resource to Smartrak’s customers, integrating a comprehensive, up-to-date map of charging locations alongside Smartrak’s existing functionality.

Features include:

  • Locations pinpointed on the Smartrak map as a separate GIS layer
  • Display of charging station operator: Meridian, Vector etc.
  • Display of charger type
  • Display of maximum power draw
  • Notice of if charging station is a paid or free facility