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New car sales in July 2022 have inched its way to a slight recovery with a 0.4 percent increase compared to the same month last year. This represents a total of 84,461 new vehicles sold bringing the year-to-date total to 622,319. According to the recently-released VFacts, there were 26 selling days in July 2022 compared to 27 in July 2021, resulting in an increase of 131.4 vehicle sales per day.

According to Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Chief Tony Webber, this shows that the market has not yet normalised since the pandemic began.

“Vehicle and component manufacturing operations remain affected by plant shutdowns caused by Covid-19.  Logistics, including shipping, remain unpredictable.  While small growth on the same month in 2021 is encouraging, we do not expect the supply of vehicles to Australia to stabilise in the near future.

“Once again Australia is following the global trend of demand for new vehicles exceeding supply,” Mr Weber said.

Toyota was market leader in July with 23.2 percent market share (19,565 vehicles sold). Following in second is Mazda with 9.3 percent market share (7,879 vehicles sold) and then by Hyundai with 8 percent market share (6,792 vehicles sold).

The best-selling model of the month is the Toyota Hi-Lux with 6441 units sold (up 39.7 percent from last year). The Ford Ranger comes in second with 2934 units sold (down 27.8 percent from last year) and then by the Toyota RAV4 with 2437 units sold (up 3.9 percent from last year).

The electric vehicle market grew by 18.3 percent compared to last month due to the lack of supply.

Sales in South Australia increased by 13.3 per cent with 5,649 vehicles sold. Sales were also up in New South Wales by 10.9 per cent with 26,519 vehicles sold. All other States and Territories recorded declines in sales. The ACT down 16.4 per cent (1,175); the Northern Territory down 16.6 per cent (756); Queensland down 1.1 per cent (18,900); Tasmania down 13.2 per cent (1,327); Victoria down 5.8 per cent (22,076); and Western Australia down 9.0 per cent (8,059).

The Passenger Vehicle Market is down by 1,596 vehicle sales (-9.1%) over the same month last year; the Sports Utility Market is up by 2,684 vehicle sales (6.4%); the Light Commercial Market is down by 930 vehicle sales (-4.4%) and the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market is up by 142 vehicle sales (4.0%) versus July 2021.

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