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The next 10 years will see significant change in the Australian car parc. Electric vehicles will shift from a niche proposition to a realistic alternative to ICE. Industry predictions that half of 2030 new vehicle sales could be electric would mean more than 500,000 EVs coming onto Australian roads over that 12-month period, and businesses will be at the forefront of this change.

Interim insights from the 2022 Corporate Fleet Insights research support this, with around three quarters of fleet operators feeling that EVs will be mainstream in business fleets by 2030. While the limited options available in the Australian market means that this is still a future consideration for many, we are seeing a growing number of fleets testing out EV alternatives. Importantly, feedback in the research tells us most are also looking at how EVs can fit into their broader operating environment in terms of charging infrastructure, reimbursement strategies, driver training, etc.

EVs are an important consideration for fleet operators and industry suppliers alike. The 2022 Corporate Fleet Insights report will provide critical insights into the actions that fleets are taking today to prepare them for the influx of new EV models over the next 12-24 months, and the support they need to ensure they make the right decisions to set themselves up for success in the years ahead.

If your business operates a fleet, we’d love to hear about how you are addressing this issue (and others) through your participation in this important research. Everyone who takes part receives a free summary of the results.

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For suppliers, the 2022 reports will be made available for purchase in May. Contact ACA Research to find out more.