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Shell Fleet Solutions has signed an Investment Agreement to become a shareholder in Global Fleet Management system company OviDrive, in a deal that will enable both companies to strengthen their position in the corporate fleet market.

Under the terms of the deal, OviDrive will incorporate Tokyo-based consultant company Connector K.K. that will continue its activities as “OviDrive Consulting.”

The investment by Shell Fleet Solutions will help OviDrive accelerate to enhance the functionalities of its digital fleet management system and expand the company’s reach globally.

OviDrive will be offering software as a service (SaaS) solutions, outsourcing of fleet management as well as consulting services. The company will be integrating mobility services as well as other digital tools for fleets and fleet managers. OviDrive’s CEO is Yves Helven, who spoke to AfMA delegates live from Amsterdam during our recent 2021 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition on the topic of Mobility – Assets, Systems and Policies.

“Shell’s investment in our company confirms our belief that corporate fleets need global transparency of data and the flexibility to choose the supply chain that works best for them, without the operational challenges that would typically come with complex vendor stacks and mobility options,” Mr Helven, CEO of OviDrive said.

“Being one of the largest providers of mobility solutions to fleets, we are adding a great team at a time when the transition to electric, digital and mobility is ongoing,” Giorgio Delpiano, Senior Vice President of Shell Fleet Solutions added.