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Electric truck manufacturer SEA Electric has doubled the size of its assembly facility for zero-emission trucks in Victoria.

Located in Dandenong, the plant is expected to now cover 8,000m2 on a total site of 15,000m2, giving SEA Electric the capacity to produce eight trucks per day, or up to 2,080 units per annum.

“Australia doesn’t need to search the world to attract EV manufacturers – SEA Electric is proud to be a global leader in commercial eMobility technology, homegrown here in Victoria,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric Founder and CEO.

“Since launching our new range last year, we have attracted incredible interest from a wide cross-section of leading companies and government bodies, who seek to improve their environmental sustainability, despite a lack of policy and incentives to fuel growth in the sector on these shores.

“The recent change of Federal Government and the subsequent increase in EV activity, has provided SEA Electric with renewed confidence that appropriate policy and incentives maybe close.  There are many examples of successful policy in EV progressive countries such as the US that we should simply emulate.

“Despite Australian passenger car production wrapping up in 2017, we still have vibrant engineering, development, and manufacturing capabilities, of which we should be proud.”

SEA Electric’s current facility has used a 100kW rooftop solar array, which has so far produced 129MWh of energy with 86MWh being exported back to the power grid.

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