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US roads are set to welcome a SEA Electric zero-emission Blue Bird Type C school bus powered by a SEA-Drive(R) 120b power-system.

Founded in Australia, SEA Electric continues to push into the US school bus market with their pure battery-electric Type C model.

This model is capable of carrying up to 84 passengers and has a 138kWh battery capacity and a projected life cycle of more than 10 years. The bus features a maximum power of 335hp and peak torque of 1,845lb-ft, while also having a range of just over 240km between charges.

SEA Electric’s President for the Americas and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Menyhart has explained that SEA Electric’s systems provide lower maintenance and operating costs while also satisfying sustainability factors.

“More and more, schools are looking to the future with zero emissions school bus technology, reducing their carbon footprint while enhancing the air quality around their campuses and local areas.

“In the history of SEA Electric, we have already seen an incredible movement to switch to electric school bus technology, and we are proud to service the marketplace with the most cost-effective all-electric power system in the world

“Through the SEA Type C EV, schools across North America can take the step into the future, today.”

The system is also Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capable, allowing it to deliver energy back to the power grid.