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SEA Electric has put into operation the first all-electric aviation refueller in Australia.

The SEA Electric SEA 500 EV was designed and engineered in Australia, in conjunction with Air BP and aviation specialists Refuel International in Melbourne.

The refueller will be based at Brisbane Airport.

Able to hold approximately 16,000 litres of aviation fuel, the vehicle uses entirely electric systems onboard provided by the proprietary SEA-Drive® power-system.

“SEA Electric is proud to be partnering with Air bp on this world-leading project, which sets the standard for environmental credentials and performance, all while showcasing the possibilities of EV technology,” said Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric’s CEO and Founder.

“Working airside on the tarmac has its own special suite of conditions when contrasted to a delivery truck on the open road, with the energy demands of the vehicle vastly different to the norm, however, leading criteria such as safety and reliability remain imperative.”

“Of course, there are environmental benefits of converting to EV, with CO2 and other exhaust particulates eliminated, which makes for a healthier work environment at airports.

“Furthermore, this is the first step towards an airport becoming a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Imagine the near future whereby every Brisbane airport vehicle is battery electric and networked to both renewable sources of energy for charging (such as roof-mounted solar) and also to the grid itself to deploy excess energy when the grid requires it. This is just around the corner.

“Transport makes up a significant portion of total emissions, with the adoption of pioneering EV technology, such as this aircraft refuelling truck, showing a great level of social responsibility,” Mr Fairweather said.

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