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The South Australian State Government has awarded the RAA a $12.4 million grant to establish hundreds of new EV charging points, creating a state-wide network for EVs.

The RAA has partnered with Chargefox and will be installing 536 EV charging points at 140 new locations over the next two years.

More than three-quarters of the network will be in regional SA with the longest drive between charge points being around 200km.

Range anxiety has been a common barrier for the adoption of electric vehicles and RAA Managing Director Ian Stone hopes this new network will address the issue.

“We know that drivers’ enthusiasm for EVs is curbed by the availability of charging points, so this new network will go a long way to allaying that range anxiety,” he said.

“RAA believes EVs are the future of motoring, and our research shows almost 80 per cent of motorists would consider buying an electric vehicle,” Mr Stone said.

While pricing is still to be confirmed, it is expected to be set at around 35c/kWh in line with standard retail rates (ex GST). The overall cost per charge will depend on the size of the battery in different EV models.