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In a bid to promote the seamless integration of electric vehicles (EVs) and ensure access to charging infrastructure, the South Australian state government has introduced two new parking offences targeting the practice of ICEing and EV squatting.

ICEing, or parking non-electric vehicles in designated EV parking areas, will incur an on-the-spot fine of $75 for offenders. Similarly, EVs parked in charging areas without actively charging will face a penalty of $111. The fines aim to deter drivers from obstructing EV charging spots and to encourage responsible parking behaviour.

These measures were announced over the Easter weekend and come into effect immediately. Local councils will install signage at EV parking and charging bays to remind drivers of the new regulations.

The legislation, introduced by the South Australian Government in November of the previous year, explicitly states that drivers must not stop in parking areas designated for EV charging unless their vehicle is electric-powered and actively plugged into an external source of electricity. This rule applies to spots marked with EV charging symbols or signage.

ICEing Fines in Other States

Several states are also implementing fines for ICEing. Victoria was the first state to take action against ICEing, implementing fines of $370 for parking violations in EV charging areas. While the penalty is comparatively lower than in other states, it still serves as a deterrent to discourage disruptive parking behaviour and ensure the availability of charging infrastructure.

In Queensland, drivers face fines of up to $2875 for illegally parking in EV charging bays. Similarly, New South Wales imposes fines of up to $2200 for offenders who block EV charging spots. With the toughest regulations in place, the ACT imposes fines of up to $3200 for illegally parking in EV charging bays.

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