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Zoox, the fully electric and autonomous robotaxi is the first self-driving tech company to secure a certification in the highest U.S. crash safety standards.

The company completed extensive crash tests with its cube-style robotaxi and submitted results to the government at the end of June.

Zoox looks as though it will start its service with a purpose-built, four-passenger autonomous vehicle that has no steering wheel, pedals, or conventional driving controls. With electric motors and battery packs in the front and back, the boxy vehicle can move easily in either direction.

“We have over a hundred (safety innovations) built into our vehicle that are not available in cars that are on the road today,” Chief Safety Innovation Officer Mark Rosekind told reporters touring the facility.

“Building from the ground up we knew which federal motor vehicle safety standards we would have to incorporate and then we did simulations, engineering tests, analysis, etc. to make sure we could meet those performance requirements,” Rosekind said.

However, it is not yet ready for large scale commercial use and must still undergo testing.

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