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Recent heavy rains and flooding have had an unfortunate impact on roads, causing potholes and other damage.

RACV has urged motorist to be careful when encountering potholes which can cause damage to vehicles and become a safety risk.

“Large potholes have the potential to cause severe damage to your tyres, wheels, suspension, exhaust and/or vehicle body, and in some cases can even lead to drivers losing control of their vehicle,” Senior Instructor for RACV Drive School Silvia Morris said.

Some of the more common damage is a flat tire or damage to tires, bent or damaged rims, suspension damage, steering damage and even damage to the body of the car. Potholes can even knock a car out of alignment so it will affect the way the tires wear and can lead to replacing tires before earlier than expected.

“When you do encounter a pothole, avoid sudden breaking and dangerous swerving into oncoming traffic. Keep a firm control of the steering wheel – which can be jolted with impact.”

Have you encountered a pothole and want to do something about it?

Contact your local council or official state road and transport authority to report the issue.

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