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MAZDA 2 (2007-2010), MAZDA 3 (2009-2013), )

The driver’s seat height adjustment has a lifter link which may crack, or lifter link retaining nuts which may separate. Vehicle sale dates were from 4 September 200728 March 2012 and includes 124,686 units.

The risk is that apart from abnormal noises and rattling, the seat in a worst-case scenario could abruptly move out of position if the lifter link breaks or separates from the seat frame.

Current owners or second-hand dealers are advised to click on the affected VIN list here and contact their nearest Mazda dealer for rectification work to be carried out free of charge.


MAZDA BT-50 (Auto transmission)

Sold from 31 October 20113 December 2012, the Ford Ranger-based Mazda workhorse could suffer an intermittent output shaft speed sensor failure. This can result in an unintended downshift from second gear into first gear.

The risk here is that while driving along, at speed, the vehicle could change down into first causing abrupt wheel speed reduction. This can result in skidding and loss of traction when wheels lock up or slide until the vehicle itself slows to an appropriate speed. This sequence however, can cause the vehicle to lose control, particularly in wet, or slippery conditions such as gravel or off-road surfaces.

While Mazda Australia attempts to contact affected owners by snail mail, they can present their 5204 vehicles to their preferred Mazda Dealer for free rectification work. Or if you like doing things the hard way, find your affected VIN number by clicking here and then contact the dealer.

BMW i3 (2014-2016)

224 units of the German marques i3 electric vehicle have been recalled for a fuel tank ventilation line which may not be correctly located and could release fuel vapour into the atmosphere if the line rubs and wears through.

While this may seem contradictory to it being an EV, i3s are also available with a petrol engine ‘range-extender’, essentially making it a hybrid.

Owners are advised to contact their local BMW dealer for inspection and repair work, or call customer Interaction on 1800 813 299. You can also find a full VIN list here.

Fiat Ducato (19/12/2016-10/01/2017

Fiat’s Ducato light-commercial has been recalled again, with 56 vans subject to a possible camshaft cracking while in use.

This is due to a “non-compliance of the material during production process,” according to the manufacturer on the PSA website.

If the camshaft crash during use the vehicle “could stop suddenly”, posing a danger of crashing into other road users and/or injuring passengers.

Consumers should get onto Fiat Chrysler Australia immediately by contacting their local dealership. While you’re on hold to the service department, check for your vehicle’s VIN number here to speed up the process.

This recall adds to the Fiat Ducato’s recall back in January for a leaf spring fault.

Subaru Impreza 2017

Subaru Australia has been selling its new Impreza with renewed vigor, but there lies a potential issue with its reversing camera.

When engaged into reverse with the gear selector, it’s possible the rear view camera screen may freeze during operation, causing a misrepresentation on the environment surrounding the rear of the vehicle. This could cause a safety risk to other road users, and an especially dangerous situation in residential driveways and young children, pets, and people using footpaths.

Consumers are urged to contact their nearest Subaru dealership as soon as possible to have updated software uploaded into the vehicle. Find your vehicle’s VIN number here for confirmation, but it’s advised to check in with Subaru even if in doubt.

Nissan Y61 Patrol (1997-present) & N16 Pulsar

Like the Takata airbag issue for Toyota and Honda (and the rest), Nissan’s ancient Y61 Patrol off-road monolith is also under recall for the same issue.

Passenger airbag inflators are susceptible to moisture build-up due to temperature changes inside the unit, causing condensation. The propellant in the inflator units deteriorates.

The breakdown of this propellant gas can “lead to abnormal deployment of the passenger airbag or metal fragment scatter,” described in the recall notice which, “may pose a hazard to the occupants of the vehicle.”

An airbag explodes out of the dashboard at over 300km/h – not a comfortable experience. So contact your Nissan dealer for rectification work which will be carried out free of charge and once “parts availability is confirmed”.

The old N16 Pulsar (2000-2005) is also included in the airbag recall.