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The Victorian State Government has revised its advice in relation to service arrangements for vehicles undergoing urgent repairs.

As published by the VACC the new advice allows routine maintenance to occur, but only if other urgent service work is being completed at the same time.

The news is comfort to larger fleets working in essential industries during the current Stage 4 restrictions. This is an opportunity to ensure certain industries can remain on top of vehicle maintenance and not have a backlog of vehicle maintenance to process once restrictions subside in coming weeks.

Routine maintenance is not permitted, but where urgent vehicle repairs are being undertaken, other maintenance and servicing can also be completed at this time to keep the vehicle roadworthy. Product recalls or repairs are permitted as this relates to ensuring safety.

Consequently, VACC is advising members that:

  • Any vehicle, be it from a Permitted Workplace or from a member of the public, that requires an urgent repair can also be serviced, at the same time. Other maintenance and service to keep the same vehicle ‘roadworthy’ is also permitted. The repairer needs to apply their interpretation and discretion based on the different situation that each vehicle presents
  • There is no change here for Licensed Vehicle Testers, they can still complete roadworthy inspections on any vehicle and undertake work to make the vehicle roadworthy following an inspection
  • A service can be completed where a vehicle is in a workshop for a recall
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles from Permitted Workplaces is still allowed and this includes servicing where it is essential and critical.

The government update comes after VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym wrote to the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, advising that VACC considered any vehicle requiring essential and critical repairs should also be permitted to have a logbook service undertaken, if the logbook service was due.

The Chamber will continue to keep members informed of changes to the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 business restrictions.

This information is current at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Please be aware of changes and new advice by heading to Business Victoria: Other services guidance (FAQs)