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There’s an electric vehicle (EV) charger on the market that has the potential to ensure staff leaving a company can hand in their fleet-installed charger as easily as handing in their laptop.

EVOS, a start-up based out of Brisbane whose ethos is to make home EV charging as simple as possible, recently launched a new home charger, the SB7, that can add 35km of range to an EV in an hour.

At the launch, Ampol announced it would be the exclusive distributor of the SB7 along with its already-available big brother, the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger – and it’s the latter that has the potential to change the game for fleets.

Among its many benefits, perhaps the Fleet Home 22’s most fleet-friendly feature is its ease of uninstallation, which requires nothing more than unscrewing four screws from the back plate and unplugging it from the wall. This means departing staff can then hand in the charger, which weighs a little less than three kilograms, at the same time as they hand in their laptop, vehicle and keys.

“A frictionless uninstallation will enable fleet-reliant companies to save hundreds of dollars each time a staffer leaves a role, as they’ll no longer need a technician to uninstall the charger,” said Marcelo Salgado, CEO of EVOS. “Anyone with a screwdriver can do it.”

With job mobility remaining at 9.5% for a second year in a row there’s a strong likelihood that, for those who manage fleets, nearly 10 per cent of the chargers installed in the homes of staff must be removed within a year – though almost certainly most of them will require retrieval at some point in the future. Thus the ease of uninstallation could prove a boon for the fleet sector, which accounts for nearly 50 per cent of all new car sales in Australia.

“The Fleet Home 22 is affordable and, because it’s so easy to uninstall, it can be re-used and installed again which reduces overheads for fleet operators,” said Salgado.

Each charger will be generally available through Ampol’s AmpCharge later this year.

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