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Volkswagen Australia has announced a recall of its Golf wagon and Passat sedan for a lighting fault that could see drivers not informed of failed vehicle lighting functions.

A software error “may cause an inoperative dipped (low) beam, main (high) beam, daytime running light, rear fog light or indicator bulb to not be indicated to the driver,” according to VW Australia on the Product Safety Australia website. It also says operative bulbs may also be shown as inoperative.

Obviously, the lack of lighting in critical driving conditions such as fog, rain or at night (all conditions where legally driver should use headlights – adverse driving conditions), could pose significant safety concerns.

The list of vehicles includes 2377 MY16 and MY17 Golf wagons and Passat sedans.

Consumers will be contacted by VW directly, however concerns should be raised with Vokswagen dealerships to arrange inspection and an update of the ‘body control module software’.

You can search the list of affected VIN numbers by clicking here.

aros 963

Arocs 963

Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs trucks are also under recall with potential steering faults.

The defect is a lack of depth in spline teeth where the steering column joints to the spindle. This action provides a transmission of turning force from the steering wheel into the horizontal steering arms.

The specific failure could occur when applying said force through the mechanism and slippage in the serration of the splines, causing a loss of control of the vehicle and endangering the driver, passengers and other road users.

Only six of the Actros 963 and Arocs 963 truck models affected are in the hands of customers, the rest on the full VIN list available here, are still in dealerships.

actros 963

Actros 963

Those few of you with a new Actros 963 or Arocs 963 should contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz commercial dealer for rectification. And take it easy in the bends.