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Porsche has recently announced that it will be investing $75 million in the Chilean company Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF) to develop a synthetic fuel that can be used in standard internal combustion engines.

While the company remains committed to using electric powertrains for their future models, they believe that the best way to take care of their current customers is to invest in a carbon neutral e-fuel.

“Besides racing and the Porsche Experience Center, the iconic 911 is the main focus for our eFuel project,” Porsche executive board member Michael Steiner told reporters.

“Whether we offer [our eFuel] everywhere in the world, I would say no,” he said. “But in terms of consumed fuel, it is our target to take care that all the fuel that is consumed by, for example, 911s will be provided as eFuel, but not at every location.”

According to Porsche, eFuel will initially be released in territories including Chile, the US, and Australia.

HIF uses wind power to turn hydrogen and CO2 into a liquid e-fuel. Production is expected to start production in the middle of 2022 and Porsche will start using the fuel in motorsports as soon as it’s available.