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In a media release, Ipswich Police Senior Constable Kerrin Sheedy said that parents should be mindful of driving safely around school zones as the school term opens this week.

Noting that that speed limits that are put in place to create a safer environment for children round schools, Constable Sheedy said that “When in active school zones, stay under 40km/h and pay attention to the road as circumstances can change quickly”.

“Most school zones are between 7am – 9am and 2pm – 4pm, however, some school zone speed limits are in force all day, between 7am – 4pm.”

Designated drop off and pick up areas are also placed in schools. Parents are reminded to familiarize themselves with these zones for easy and safe movement.

“Remember that pick up and drop off times can become busy and congested, so maintain vigilance.”

“Drivers should always check their surroundings and obey parking and loading signs. Drivers are reminded to never park in a bus zone unless driving a bus with more than 12 seats.”

“Always be observant and remind yourself that children can be unpredictable and easily distracted.”

For more information on back to school road safety, visit the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website here.