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Western Australia is set to roll out next-generation speed cameras as part of a $1.5million three-month trial that aims to improve road safety.

Six cameras will be installed to measure the average speeds of drivers over a distance. Furthermore, the cameras will be equipped by lenses that can zoom inside a vehicle allowing it to detect of a motorist is using a mobile phone while driving or isn’t wearing a seatbelt.

During the three-month trial, no infringements will be issued yet since there are no laws pertaining to this at the moment.

Instead, the data that the cameras will capture will be used to determine where certain offences are happening.

“Speed, inattention and not wearing a seatbelt are all contributors to trauma on our roads, so I am pleased to trial Australian-first technology that can detect all three of these high-risk behaviours anywhere, anytime,” said West Australia’s Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia.

“While no infringements will be issued, I hope the trial prompts people to think twice before they take a risk that could cost them, or someone else their life”.

The cameras, which were created by Australian company Acusensus, will be sent out to regions within 200km of Perth.