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What do you think of Autonomous Vehicles?

You have the opportunity to participate in a research project exploring how Australian stakeholders from a variety of industries respond to the factors impacting the benefits and challenges of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) rollout in Australia.

In order to understand the views and opinions surrounding autonomous vehicles, researchers at Griffith University are investigating how AV rollout will impact areas such as technology and cybersecurity, infrastructure, legislations, ethics, and costs. The findings of this study may influence policies, training, and legislation related to autonomous vehicle rollout in Australia.

The project will also look at the rollout of electric vehicles (EV), the views of owners and potential new owners of these cars, and how this new technology can help identify similar aspects regarding the impacts of rollout.

The researchers want to hear from people who work in all industries that could be impacted by the AV rollout in Australia. These may include, but are not limited to transport and logistics, research and design, cybersecurity, manufacturing, social planners or lawmakers, and government (federal, state, or local government).

Participation would involve being a part of a focus group with other members of your team also invited. It would take roughly 60 minutes of your time and will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. If you cannot attend a focus group with others, one-on-one interviews are also available.

Interested in participating?

Click the below link to register your interest and to find out more information or email Leigh-Chantelle at [email protected]

The research team will then send out time and date options along with the consent form, which will also ask some basic demographic questions (e.g., age, profession), questions regarding your interest in technology, and experience with AV and EV.

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