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Over 10,000 People-Mover Vans Recalled for Faulty Doors

By June 1, 2023News

A recall has been issued for 10,046 people-mover units due to a defective power sliding door system. This, according to the manufacturer, stems from a software glitch.

The affected vehicles are KA4 Carnival models from Kia Motors manufactured between 2020 and 2023. According to the vehicle recall notice, the system may not provide occupants with a warning while in operation, posing a potential safety hazard.

The defect in the Power Sliding Door system raises concerns as occupants may be unaware that the door is in operation. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle’s system typically emits a loud beeping noise to let the driver and passengers know that the door is either opening or closing. This lack of warning increases the risk of injury, especially if occupants accidentally come into contact with the moving door.

Owners of the affected KA4 Carnival vehicles are urged to contact their preferred Kia dealer promptly. The company advises scheduling an appointment to have the Power Sliding Door software updated, which will be performed at no cost to the owners.

To find a nearby authorized Kia dealer, customers can visit the website

A list of affected units and its respective Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) can be found here.

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