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Many drivers are scared or see no benefit in using automated or driverless vehicles, a new survey has revealed.

As part of a Vision Zero campaign, Continental Tyres spoke with 2,000 motorists about their the positives and negatives of the new technology.

The survey revealed that 44% were more scared of autonomous vehicles due to the lack of personal control, despite potential benefits. It was also revealed that 37% thought that drivers were becoming too lazy on technology, and while 36% were worried about potential security risks like hacking.

Continental Tyres safety expert Mark Griffiths said that motorists were less interested in technological advancements and just wanted “real-world benefits”.

“Drivers have to contend with immediate real world issues like congestion, the cost of motoring and environmental impact, and in some instances technologies being developed now are not being identified as a solution for those issues – yet they absolutely are,” he said.

“Future advances will transform motoring and technology businesses like ours need to explain how present challenges will be reduced or eliminated – like congestion, costs and environmental impact.”

The survey found over half of road users think the biggest priority for automotive and technology companies to focus on was improved road safety. A further 50% found it important to produce more economical vehicles, while 47% said having less traffic on the road was most important.

What are your thoughts on autonomous vehicles? Would you be comfortable introducing them to your fleet or driving one yourself? Leave us a comment below to start the discussion.