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The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), also known as Waka Kotahi, has recently announced changes to the Vehicle Emissions and Energy Economy Labels (VEEEL) that help guide consumers on how environmentally friendly a vehicle is based on its CO2 emissions

According to the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority, (EECA), “the Emissions section of the label includes a possible fee or rebate value with estimated emissions”.

“To help grow consumer awareness of the Clean Car Discount changes at the point of sale, EECA has updated the Emissions text information on labels. The new text will let consumers know that rebates and fees are changing and where they can find more information.”

“From 1 June to 30 June 2023 any labels generated for new vehicle stock, or labels reprinted for existing stock, will automatically display the new text information.”

Additionally, starting July 1st, the upcoming Vehicle Energy Economy Labelling Regulations will necessitate the removal and replacement of all vehicle labels. The new labels will prominently showcase revised fees and rebates available to consumers.

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