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Drivers in New Zealand are now able to view comprehensive vehicle safety ratings which have been published on the Rightcar website.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has published the ANCAP safety-star ratings to indicate the level of protection vehicles will provide to everyone involved in a potential crash.

The website includes information about crash avoidance features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Keep Assist.

“Together, passive crash protection and active crash avoidance features provide the best safety outcomes for everyone on the road. That’s why we’ve sourced crash avoidance features data for used imports from manufacturers. This information supplements the star-ratings and makes Rightcar an even better source for people to find the safest vehicle they can afford,” Waka Kotahi Senior Manager Road Safety, Fabian Marsh said.

“People are twice as likely to survive a crash in a 5-star safety rated vehicle than in a one or two-star vehicle. Waka Kotahi encourages people to check the latest safety ratings, as vehicles’ ratings change over time.”

Rightcar is also a place where drivers can check a light vehicles’ Co2 emission, fuel efficiency and air pollution ratings. The website also provides information on whether a Clean Car Discount or fee will apply to a vehicle.

View the Rightcar website Here.