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New vehicle sales in New Zealand dipped in April according to the latest data released by the Motor Industry Association (MIA). This trend aligns with the typical trend of a quieter month as many businesses start their financial year, the association says.

April 2024 saw 9,238 registrations, a 9.23% drop from April 2023 (9,939 units) and a 5.1% decline from April 2022 (9,734 units). Year-to-date, 2024 has seen a 10.4% decrease compared to 2023 (5,030 units), and a more significant 23.9% decline compared to 2022 (13,552 units), with a 27.4% drop compared to 2021 (11,846 units).

Market Leaders

Toyota led the market with a 25.8% share (2,382 units) in April 2024, followed by Ford with 13.7% (1,266 units), and Mitsubishi with 10.3% (948 units). Light Passenger vehicles made up 6,120 registrations, Light Commercial vehicles 2,521, and Heavy Commercial vehicles 597.

The motive power distribution in April included 276 Battery Electric vehicles (3.0% share), 183 Plug-In Hybrid vehicles (2.0% share), 2,380 Mild Hybrid vehicles (25.8% share), and 6,399 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles (69.3% share). The top three segments were SUV Medium (26.5%), Pick Up/Chassis Cab (22.6%), and SUV Compact (19.6%).

Leading Segments

Light passenger vehicle registrations at 6,120 reflect a 13.3% decrease from April 2023 (940 units) and a significant 28.1% decline from April 2022 (2,394 units). The segment leaders were Toyota, Kia, and Mitsubishi. Popular segments included SUV Medium, SUV Compact, and SUV Large, collectively accounting for 87% of Light Passenger registrations.

Light commercial registrations of 3,118 showed a slight variation from April 2023 but a significant increase of 155.6% compared to April 2022. Ford led this segment, followed by Toyota and Mitsubishi. The top-selling models were the Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux, and Mitsubishi Triton.

Heavy commercial registrations of 597 represented a 21.3% decrease from April 2023 and a 23.9% decline from April 2022. In April, there were 8 Battery Electric vehicles registered, totalling 90 units year-to-date.

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