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New Zealand’s Clean Car Discount programme has become a catalyst for a surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, playing a pivotal role in the country’s efforts to combat climate change. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and Transport Minister David Parker shared compelling data, showcasing the program’s impact on both vehicle registrations and emissions reduction.

“In September, we celebrated surpassing 150,000 rebates, a testament to the success of the Clean Car Discount since its launch in July 2021. Over half of all newly registered vehicles and used imports in New Zealand are now electrified, driven by this initiative,” announced Prime Minister Hipkins.

The Clean Car Discount has proven instrumental in reducing emissions, with average emissions from newly registered vehicles dropping by almost 33% since its inception. Prime Minister Hipkins emphasized that the policy is a linchpin in achieving New Zealand’s climate goals, warning that removing the discount would put these goals at risk.

Transport Minister David Parker reiterated the success, noting that EV and hybrid registrations now constitute over 53% of all new vehicle registrations since July, compared to 39% between April 2022 and June 2023. Average carbon dioxide emissions from newly-registered vehicles are at an all-time low, measuring 126 grams per kilometre, a considerable drop from the 188 grams per kilometre at the program’s commencement.

“The Clean Car Discount is transforming New Zealand’s vehicle fleet, with EV and hybrid adoption rising by an impressive 180%, while registrations for petrol and diesel vehicles have decreased by 30%,” Minister Parker highlighted.

The program’s effectiveness was starkly evident in April 2022 when it was expanded to incentivise hybrids and discourage high-emission vehicles. In the same month, emissions from all newly-registered vehicles dropped from 205 g/km to 131 g/km, reflecting a surge in hybrid sales and a significant reduction in petrol and diesel vehicles. Recent changes in July 2023 have led to hybrid registrations surpassing petrol car registrations.

“The Clean Car Discount is not only driving the green transformation of New Zealand’s vehicle fleet but also accelerating the transition to cleaner transportation. Research by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) found that 62% of EV owners expedited their purchases due to the Clean Car Discount’s incentives,” Minister Parker emphasized.

The latest data undeniably confirms the Clean Car Discount’s dual impact on increasing electrified vehicle numbers and driving down emissions, aligning with New Zealand’s commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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