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New car registrations in New Zealand are down 23.8% (5,007 units) in March 2023 compared to the same period last year. However, Motor Industry Association principal technical advisor Mark Stockdale noted that registrations in March 2022 were the highest on record due to the pending Clean Car Discount fees for light commercial vehicles.

This month, there were 11,626 passenger and SUV registrations (down 4 percent against last year) and 4,371 commercial vehicle registrations (down 55.5 percent from last year).

“Year-on-year comparisons illustrate the effect government policy can have in changing purchaser behaviour,” Mr. Stockdale said.

“March 2022 light commercial vehicles sales were the strongest ever but have since struggled to regain strong performance with the impact of the CCD fees most of these vehicles now attract,” he added.

Market Leaders

Toyota led the market this month with 17% share (2,650 units), followed by Ford with 11% (1,714) units and Hyundai with 8% market share (1,256 units). Kia came in one unit behind Hyundai.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

There were 2,637 light passenger vehicle BEVs and 18 light commercial plus 1 heavy commercial vehicle BEVs registered in March. The top models were the Tesla Model Y (761 units) followed by the BYD Atto 3 (617 units) and the MG ZS (307 units).

There were 515 PHEVs registered for the month of March. The top models were the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (176 units) followed by the Kia Sorento (131 units) and the MG HS (31 units).

Registrations of Hybrid vehicles (HEVs) were strong with 2,503 vehicles registered in March. The top models were the Toyota RAV4 (455 units), followed by the Honda Jazz (245) and the Suzuki Swift (211 units).

SUV and Passenger Vehicles

Toyota regained the market lead for passenger and SUV registrations in March with 14% market share (1,578 units) followed by Kia also with 11% (1,255 units) and then Hyundai with 10% market share (1,281 units).

The top-selling passenger and SUV models for the month were the Tesla Model Y (761 units) followed by the Hyundai Tucson (648 units) and the BYD Atto 3 (617).

Commercial Vehicles

Ford regained the market lead with 33% market share (1,439 units) followed by Toyota with 25% (1,072 units) and Mitsubishi third with 7% market share (306 units).

The top models for the month of March were the Ford Ranger (1,333 units), followed by the Toyota Hilux (834 units) and the Mitsubishi Triton (304 units).


The top spots were the SUV medium segment with 31% share followed by SUV compact vehicles with 18% then the Pickup/Chassis 4×4 segment with 13% market share.

The small to medium segments comprised 60% of the total market.

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