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NSW drivers are set to confidently drive their electric vehicles anywhere thanks to the newly released details for the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging masterplan. This includes installing up to 1,000 fast and ultra-fast chargers across the region by 2027.

The Master Plan features an online interactive map that visualises the current and future network of public ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure in NSW. It highlights the optimal placement of chargers across the state so EV drivers can reach their destinations with ease.

The open access map aims to help policy makers, charging operators, energy utilities, and tourism operators understand the investment opportunities for the EV charging network by:

  • Providing information on existing and planned fast charging infrastructure in NSW
  • Identifying ideal locations for fast chargers in regional towns, key routes/highways, and metropolitan areas
  • Considering technical, social, ad geographic factors. This includes traffic, projected EV adoption in the area, tourism data, vehicle ownership, local points of interest, location of major cabling, and available substation capacities in choosing optimal zones

Through the Master Plan, NSW intends to co-fund up to 1,000 charging bays. The private sector is also expected to invest up to $160 million towards the project. This is expected to rev up the existing charging network in NSW by more than 300 percent. Once fully implemented, NSW will have more EV charging stations than other Australian states and territories.

The Master Plan also details co—investing proposals for EV Super-Highways, EV Commuter Corridors, and EV off-street parking chargers. This aims to not only improve people’s access to charging infrastructure but also boost EV uptake.

Once operational, the EV charging network will be powered by renewable energy. This is part of NSW’s efforts to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Find more about the NSW EV charging master plan here.