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New South Wales (NSW) has unveiled a $10 million grant program to retrofit over 100 apartment buildings with cutting-edge technology for electric vehicle charging stations.

The initiative, known as the “EV Ready Buildings” grants program, is set to make NSW the first state in Australia to co-fund infrastructure upgrades for apartment buildings to support EV charging.

The program is a crucial step in the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable transport and achieving the state’s net-zero emissions target. With over 90% of EV owners relying on home charging, the NSW Government recognizes the need to provide charging infrastructure for residents of apartment buildings who might not have access to home charging options.

The EV Ready Buildings program aims to facilitate eligible strata buildings with a minimum of 10 apartments to install EV charging infrastructure in common areas. Retrofitting existing buildings will involve the installation of the necessary electrical infrastructure required for vehicle charging.

“The NSW Government is committed to increasing the uptake of electric vehicles, by improving access to infrastructure. We’re investing $260 million in the 2023–24 NSW Budget, to cover programs including fast chargers on commuter routes, more kerbside chargers near apartment blocks, and upgraded grid capacity and charging hubs to support fleets,” said Minister for Energy Penny Sharpe.

The grant program will cover up to 80% of the cost of each building upgrade, with a maximum grant of $80,000 per building. Additionally, it will support the purchase and installation of up to four shared-use charging stations in visitor parking areas, making it convenient for residents and guests to charge their electric vehicles.

The grants process comprises two stages. The initial stage involves a preliminary building assessment to determine the most effective approach to making the building EV-ready. Successful applicants from this stage will be invited to apply for the second stage, which will co-fund the infrastructure upgrades necessary for electric vehicle charging.

The grants are open to strata buildings in both metropolitan and regional areas of New South Wales, ensuring that residents across the state have equitable access to EV charging options. Applications for the EV Ready Buildings grant can be submitted through the online Grant Management System, SmartyGrants.

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