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Every year, approximately 1200 people are killed and another 44,000 are seriously injured on Australian roads. Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15 and the second-biggest killer of all Australians aged between 15 and 24.

National Road Safety Week is an annual initiative from the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group, partnering road safety organisations and Government. The week highlights the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it.

During the week there will be a focus that represents a road safety theme for all drivers:

  • Sunday, May 16: Remember the 1,200 – Too many lives are lost on our roads. Remembering those lost on our roads and highways
  • Monday, May 17: Protecting every life – Care for vulnerable road users
  • Tuesday, May 18: Take the pledge and lead the way – Lead the pledge to drive so others survive
  • Wednesday, May 19: Move over, slow down – Emergency vehicle – Protecting those who protect us by slowing down and giving the space they need to stay safe
  • Thursday, May 20: Save lives – Slow down – Reflecting the UN Road Safety Week theme ‘Speed’
  • Friday, May 21: Regional communities count – Drive so others survive in the country and city
  • Saturday, May 22: Share the road – Give cyclists and motorcyclists the space they need
  • Sunday, May 23: Arrive home safe#GetHomeSafe for your loved ones

Make road safety the priority for you and your fellow road users. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and safe to drive, know and follow the road rules every trip, and drive to the conditions of the road. Share the road by driving courteously and giving other road users the space they need – especially trucks, bikes and motorcycles.

Have the conversation with your fleet drivers over the next week about how they can reduce their risk as a driver for their own safety and the safety of others.

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