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New Zealand’s impressive commitment to electric vehicles and zero-emissions in recent times has seen the nation take further steps by introducing a range of measures that will help meet the country’s 2050 carbon neutral target.

“Our transport emissions are the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand, so we need to start taking action now if we are going to meet our 2050 targets,” Transport Minister Michael Wood said.

The Clean Car Discount scheme was developed to prompt the New Zealand people into choosing sustainable transport with benefits that go beyond the environment.

The Clean Car Discount scheme promises:

  • a rebate of $8,625 (NZ) back for new EVs
  • a rebate of $3,450 (NZ) for used EV models
  • as of 2022 rebates will also expand to low emission vehicles such as plug-in hybrids
  • an exemption from road user charges

“As technology develops and more manufacturers decide to stop making petrol and diesel cars, the cost of low emissions vehicles will come down. However, at the moment they are still more expensive to buy,” Minister of Climate Change, James Shaw said when discussing transport and the climate crisis.

“Reducing the cost of electric, hybrid and low-emission vehicles will also stimulate the second-hand market, so in the years to come even more people can access low carbon transport options.”

The creation of a second-hand market for zero and low emission vehicles is vital to widespread adoption of electric vehicles as they become more affordable to those in the community who cannot buy a new EV outright.