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New Zealand has recorded a total of 12,645 new vehicle registrations in January 2024. According to the Motor Industry Association (MIA), this is 1.3 percent higher than January 2023 but 6.2 percent lower than January 2022.

This month’s notable change is the surge in petrol and diesel vehicle registrations following the axing of the Clean Car Discount.

“With the Clean Car Discount gone, it is unsurprising that Petrol and Diesel vehicle registrations surged in January 2024, comprising 96. 2 percent of January registrations at 12,173 units,” said MIA Chief Executive Aimee Wiley.

Market Highlights

This month, Toyota claimed the top spot in the market with a 20.4 percent share, registering 2,586 units. This is followed by Ford with 16.2 percent share (2,047 units) and then by Mitsubishi with 11.7 percent share (1,474 units).

Light Passenger registrations added up to 8,120, experiencing a 12.4 percent decrease from January 2023 and a 9.0 percent decrease from January 2022.

Light Commercial registrations reached 3,793, marking a significant 53.5 percent increase from January 2023 but a 7.4 percent decrease from January 2022.

Heavy Commercial registrations stood at 736, a 49.9 percent increase from January 2023 and a notable 61.6 percent increase from January 2022, marking the third-best month and the best January result on record.

In terms of motive power, battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) constituted 2.2 percent of total registrations, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) 1.6 percent, Hybrids 18.7 percent, and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles 77.5 percent.

The top three segments in January were SUV Medium (21.9 percent), Pick-up/Chassis Cab 4×4 (20.4 percent), and SUV Compact (19.3 percent).

Light Passenger Vehicles Insights

The top-selling light passenger models were the Toyota RAV4 claimed the top spot with 619 units, followed by Mitsubishi ASX (438 units) and Mitsubishi Outlander (431 units).

Meanwhile, the Toyota RAV4 also led the Hybrid segment with 568 units, while BEVs were spearheaded by BYD SEAL (31 units), PHEVs by Porsche Cayenne (24 units), and ICE vehicles by Mitsubishi ASX (438 units).

Light Commercial Vehicles

Ford maintained the lead with a 41.2 percent market share for the light commercial market, registering 1,563 units. Meanwhile, Toyota came in second as it secured a 25.1 percent market share with 953 units. Mitsubishi held an 8.7 percent market share with 330 units taking the third spot in the market.

The top-selling model for this segment is the Ford Ranger with 1,470 units, followed by Toyota Hilux (657 units), and Mitsubishi Triton (330 units).

Heavy Commercial Vehicles

January 2024 witnessed a 49.9 percent increase in registrations from January 2023 and a notable 61.6 percent increase from January 2022. This marks the third-best month and the best January result on record.

Heavy Commercial BEVs registered 22 units in January, showcasing the growing trend towards electric mobility in the commercial sector.

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