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The WA government has awarded Fleetcare the sole supplier contract for the provision of its Fleet Management Services across its entire departments and agencies.

The new contract will supply fleet management services to more than 9,000 vehicles across the state.

Meanwhile, Pinpoint Communications, Ezy2c and MiX Telematics will also join Fleetcare as telematics providers as part of the 2017-18 state budget process.

While pricing was a factor in the contract award, Fleetcare said that their addition of customised platforms and fully integrated technology solutions would offer the biggest benefits to both State Fleet and individual WA government departments.

“The key driver for the contract will be focusing on areas of fleet optimisation for State Fleet, while providing first class service to the agencies it serves” Fleetcare CEO, Nigel Malcolm said yesterday.

“Our offering focused heavily on the provision of customised utilisation dashboards which will ensure greater efficiency and cost savings across the WA Government fleet.”

Other tender winners include ARB Corporation and TJM Products for Aftermarket Vehicle Accessories, Poolcar for vehicle booking systems and Pickles Auctions, which won the tender for both motor vehicle inspection services and motor vehicle disposal services.

Meanwhile Bridgestone Australia and Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres are set to provide tyre supply and fitting services to the state, pending further negotiations, according to documents released by the WA Department of Finance.

Further negotiations were also pending on the MiX Telematics tender, the documents said.