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Teletrac Navman has expanded its offerings through the launch of a new seatbelt monitoring product.

The new product will allow organisations to have a complete overview of seatbelt usage across their entire fleet, including real-time alerts and scheduled reporting. The system will allow fleet managers to see which drivers are routinely not wearing their seatbelts and to implement discipline on repeat offenders as required.

Peter Millichap, UK marketing director at Teletrac Navman, said the new monitoring product would help improve driver accountability and overall road safety.

“You can’t predict when an accident will happen, and not wearing a seatbelt can be a fatal decision, even on a short, familiar journey or when driving at low speeds, so we’re really pleased to introduce yet another driver safety product which will make a difference on the roads,” he said.

“The product will encourage seatbelt safety whenever a driver is behind the wheel, to keep your mobile assets, the general public and drivers safe.”

Ahead of the product launch, Teletrac Navman ran an online poll last month, to gain insight into current driver attitudes towards seatbelts. The results showed clear misconceptions of when it’s deemed acceptable not to strap in, with nearly half (42%) of drivers thinking it is okay to be seatbelt-free when they are frequently in and out of the cab.

Furthermore, some 28% thought it was acceptable when driving a short distance of between 10-100 metres, with a further 26% thinking non-usage is acceptable when driving off public roads.

It is at this stage unknown when the devices will be available for the Australian market.