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Renault MOBILITY and IKEA France have signed a new partnership to offer consumers an innovative car rental solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Renault MOBILITY self-service car rental service, which is soon to premiere at the IKEA Paris-Villiers store, will gradually be rolled out to all IKEA stores in France by September 2018. In total, nearly 300 private and commercial vehicles (Trafic, Kangoo, Kangoo Z.E., ZOE) will be made available to the general public at the stores. Initially, the vehicles for hire will be internal combustion and electric depending on the charging infrastructure available on-site, to make way for an all-electric fleet by 2020.

Renault MOBILITY is already present throughout France with 180 self-service vehicle rental fleets available 24/7 both within the Renault network and at other locations in city centers, public parking lots and other sites. The immediate availability of the vehicles and the choice of pickup location – from the parking lot of an IKEA store or Renault MOBILITY fleet – will offer customers great service flexibility.

“With this new partnership, we are looking to provide consumers with a service that enhances our accessibility and complements our existing offer,” Vicente Cubells, Director of Customer Relations at IKEA France said.

“Fast, easy to use and at an attractive price, this new rental service allows users to adopt a simple mode of transport with, eventually, a fleet comprising 100% electric vehicles. This demonstrates our commitment to a more sustainable way of life”

Renault France Sales Director Philippe Buros said the new partnership was a key part of Renault’s ongoing development strategies within the region.

“This partnership with IKEA France underlines the relevance of Renault MOBILITY’s car-sharing offer and is part of our Renault MOBILITY development strategy in France,” he said.

“This mobility solution, accessible to all, is based on a 100% digital customer journey and the Renault network to guarantee our customers a high-quality service.”