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Australian service and repair company mycar has launched new car plates to help support drivers returning to the road after a road accident or extended time away from the wheel.

The new “Return Plates” or R plates are blue and feature a QR code that directs to local and national professional support services.

“We care for those with physical injuries from a road incident, but we rarely consider the mental toll road trauma can take,” mycar said.

“The R plate signifies to other road users that the driver may need some extra care, giving them time and space to recover.

“Recovering drivers can confidently return to the road knowing they are in a supportive space.”

University of Melbourne associate professor Dr Jason Thompson said the program recognises an important consideration on Australian roads.

“The journey through to recovery, and a return to confidence, is unique to each individual and often takes time” he said.

“Returning to the road can be a scary and a nerve-wracking experience, so even just having those feelings recognised could help people in their recovery.”

The R plates are not government sanctioned or an official proposal by any transport authority in Australia.

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