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Despite lockdowns and global supply chain disruptions, Australian new car sales in September have grown year-on-year according to the recent VFACTS released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

The FCAI reported 83,312 new vehicle sales in September 2021, an increase of 20.8 percent from the same period last year. This figure represents an additional 14,327 vehicles sales compared to September 2020.

This brings the total sales for the year to 816,140 units sold, a 27 percent increase from the same period last year.

New South Wales recorded the highest units sold this month at 23,965 despite an 8 percent drop from September 2020. Victoria comes in second, narrowly doubling its year-to-year sales from 10,447 last year units to 20,495 this year. Queensland closely follows in at 3rd with 20,062 units sold.

The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) category had the biggest market share this month at 40,832 sales or 49 percent. This is follower by light commercials at 20,035 sales or 24 percent market share and then by passenger cars at 18,531 sales or 22.2 percent market share.

Meanwhile, the 4×4 Ute segment took 17.4 percent of the market with 14,476 total units sold. This is follower by medium SUVs 16.8 percent (14,031 units sold), large SUVs at 13.4 percent (11,145 units sold), small SUVs at 12.9 percent (10,750 units sold), and small cars at 11.4 percent (9,513 units sold).

Top Selling Brands of September 2021 

Toyota headed the market this month with a total of 20,216 units sold, an increase of 56.3 percent from last year. Mazda came in second with 6555 units sold (down 6.4 percent from September 2021) while Ford followed in 3rd place with 5759 units sold (up 19.6 percent from last year).

Brand Sales Change
Toyota 20,216 Up 56.3 percent
Mazda 6555 Down 6.4 percent
Ford 5759 Up 19.6 percent
Hyundai 5457 Up 3.5 percent
Kia 5155 Up 1.2 percent
Mitsubishi 4605 Up 10.2 percent
Volkswagen 3791 Up 8.5 percent
Isuzu Ute 3130 Up 102.5 percent
Subaru 3062 Up 44.4 percent
MG 3010 Up 93.7 percent


Top Selling Models of September 2021 

This month, the Ford Range took the lead as the top-selling model with 4192 units sold (up 12.5 percent). The Toyota Hilux comes in second with 3635 units sold (up 0.7 percent) while the Toyota Corolla ended up in 3rd place this month with 3487 units sold (up 138.5 percent).

Model Sales Change*
Ford Ranger 4192 Up 12.5 percent
Toyota Hilux 3635 Up 0.7 percent
Toyota Corolla 3487 Up 138.5 percent
Toyota RAV4 3390 Up 39.3 percent
Toyota Prado 2173 Up 165.0 percent
Hyundai i30 2034 Up 13.9 percent
Isuzu D-Max 1833 Up 64.0 percent
Toyota Camry 1610 Up 35.1 percent
Mitsubishi ASX 1489 Up 58.4 percent
Mazda BT-50 1444 Up 176.2 percent


Challenging Yet Encouraging Times

According to FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber, these numbers are “encouraging news” despite the impact of the global microprocessor shortage and lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These are challenging times, but automotive manufacturers are rising to meet them. Brands are working across their supply chains to deal with microprocessor issues and consumers are embracing online purchasing through click and collect delivery options,” Mr. Weber stated.

He adds that “For many manufacturers it is bittersweet with the knowledge of what could have been achieved in a normal trading environment.”